Behind the Brand

At the age of 15, my mum decided it was only right that I carry on the skill of sewing, as did the two generations before her. But for me at the time I didn't really think much of it, I only see why now.

My mum would often tell me to use the scraps or off cuts in the bin to test to see if the machine was working okay or just generally to try out the different fancy stitches. That's when it dawned on me that, instead of just testing, some of the pieces were large enough to make products. 

In the beginning I was generally just giving them out as presents for friends - and on one occasion, one of them told me to make it into a business and I haven't stopped since. 

Going back 70+ years, my Mum’s Mum and Grandma would make dresses for their staycations and parties from old curtains or dead stock, during the time of rationing. And my Nanna in Barbados would often sew clothing; suits and dresses for her children, my Dad and his Sisters. 

The reason for choosing the bright African prints is because they remind me of the sunshine, and are very reminiscent of when my mum use to dress me and my brother in bright outfits.  Even on the gloomiest of days the colours can really uplift a mood and even brighten a room. 

Starting out my sewing journey, was the most joy I had looking back and is a skill I will cherish forever.